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JE Birthday Pimpage: Nakamaru Yuichi

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 4, 2010, 2:26 PM
And theres just nothing more...

Nakamaru is if nothing else, sweet, thoughtful and a real joy to watch just being himself dealing with everyone else. I enjoy watching him perform, and would like one day, honestly to sit and just chat over coffee  in a quiet setting with him. He's got a very gentle and relaxing aura about him that is evident in everything he does.. ^^

Name: Yuichi Nakamaru
Nickname: Yu, Yuchi, Maru
Height: 176cm
Weight: 54kg
Birthdate: September 4, 1983
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Horoscope: Virgo
Blood type: O

Yuichi Nakamaru is the N of KAT-TUN, and the oldest member. He is known for his good sense of humour, and is the peace-maker of the group and is often spoken to when things get heavy because he calms people easily. He was also voted "the most loved idiot of KAT-TUN", and didn't seem to mind (everyone voted for him, though someone gave up their vote). Nakamaru is often described as "ordinary", and to prove that he's not normal, he beatboxed on a roller coaster ride and scream machine during an appearance on "YOU tachi!".

Along with bandmate Koki Tanaka, they make up a comedic unit, cleverly known as TaNaka (TAnaka; NAKAmaru).

Nakamaru's trademark skill is his beatboxing, which is incorporated into many of KAT-TUN's songs. He has been self drivein in learning this skill for many years and he spends much of his free time practicing. His ability to beatbox has made him stand out recently, earning him more fans and popularity. In addition he has recently begun writing songs for KAT-TUN  incorporating his beatboxing whenever possible.

Nakamaru is, along with Kazuya Kamenashi, the usual public speaker of KAT-TUN.
Outside of KAT-TUN, he is closest to band-mate Tatsuya Ueda. (he says in his J-Web that he often goes to eat out with Ueda Tatsuya as the other members are often busy)
He is afraid of horror stories or anything related to horror as shown in an episode of Cartoon KAT-TUN
His nickname is "Yu", so when he went to the first Johnny's audition and Johnny-san called out: "Hey, YOU!" in English, Maru thought: "How does he know my name?!".
KAT-TUN member often tease him saying "Your wig's on wrong!" and "Why don't you pluck your eyebrows?".
He thinks he looks like a koala bear because of his nose.
He loves strawberries and strawberry picking.
He hates being "N" in KAT-TUN because he's last in everything. He thinks people only like his beat-boxing and that apart from that people don't notice him.
He began studying Environmental Studies at Waseda University in the fall of 2008

Performing on Shounen Club with Maruyama Ryuhei of Kanjani8..…

Nakamaru Yuichi Pictures, Images and Photos

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Nakamaru Yuichi Pictures, Images and Photos

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  • Listening to: Percussion
  • Watching: Maru blinking
  • Eating: teehee not tellin'
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